The Michael A. Wells Undergraduate Research Endowment in Biological Sciences

Michael A. WellsThe Michael A. Wells Undergraduate Research Endowment in Biological Sciences has been established by Mrs. Mary A. Wells and family and friends to memorialize the professional accomplishments of her late husband, Michael A. Wells, biochemistry professor and researcher for 40 years at the University of Arizona.

It is the desire of the family and friends of Professor Wells to memorialize his leadership and many contributions to undergraduate students in life sciences research. While Mike was widely recognized as an accomplished scientist and academician, as demonstrated by his appointment as Regents Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics, his greatest joy was in watching young people become infected with the excitement and joy of scientific research.

2017 Recipients

2016 Recipients

2015 Recipients

2014 Recipients

2013 Recipients

  • Cheryl Cheah
  • Jonathan Ferng
  • Stephanie Kha
  • Allen Suarez

2012 Recipients

  • Jonathan Ferng
  • Shiana Ferng
  • Nancy Leo
  • Angela Schlegel

2011 Recipients

  • Ersilia Anghel
  • Aeen Asghar
  • Alice Cai
  • Aubri Carman
  • Michael Nelson
  • Angela Yazzie

2010 Recipients

  • Samantha Bomotti
  • Sarah Edwards
  • Laurel Kartchner
  • Mounir Koussa
  • Meytal Shtayer

2009 Recipients

  • Ahmed Badran
  • Troy Comi
  • Sarah Edwards
  • Andrea Hartzell
  • Krystyn Pozarowski

2008 Recipients

  • Sarah Edwards

2007 Recipients

  • Sarah Edwards