Research Focus: Analytical Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry is the science of developing and applying state-of-the-art chemical measurement tools to determine the qualitative and quantitative properties of matter.  At the University of Arizona, faculty members specializing in analytical chemistry create and utilize these tools to better understand and control chemical and biochemical systems. We are addressing critical, real-world problems by developing novel strategies to characterize biological systems and disease states, control the chemistry of surfaces and interfaces at nanoscopic to macroscopic length scales, mitigate the impact of human actions on the environment, and sense molecules in chemically complex environments.

Faculty in this Research Focus Area

Neal R. Armstrong
Regents Professor Chemistry/Biochemistry/Optical Sciences & Associate Vice President Research, Discovery and Innovation (RDI)

Bonner Denton
Professor, Galileo Circle Fellow

Michael Heien
Associate Professor

Michael Marty
Assistant Professor

Jeanne E. Pemberton
Regents Professor, John and Helen Schaefer Professor of Chemistry

Scott Saavedra
Professor, Professor (joint), Optical Sciences, Professor (joint), Biomedical Engineering

Jeong-Yeol Yoon
Professor, Biomedical Engineering, Professor, Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering, Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry