Summer 2017 Students of the Month

We have two winners for summer. Arielle Tran and Steven Le nominated Hiromi Fukuzaki.

Arielle wrote that Hiromi is the vice president of the Biochemistry club, and she has been an indispensable member of the club since the beginning of her undergraduate career. She always strives to work hard in her endeavors and continuously exceeds the expectations of an officer. Recently, Hiromi was the lead coordinator for BlastOff!, a summer science camp for underserved middle school students in the Tucson community. Steven wrote that it takes a person with deft interpersonal skills and an assiduous work ethic to see this program from start to finish and fulfill its purpose, and Hiromi Fukuzaki was this person and more. She is conscientious, tending to the needs and desires of the participants; she is meticulous, ensuring her charges acquire an understanding of the concepts conveyed; and she is involved, being seen not only just the host, but also a friend – she harmoniously gets along with everyone.

Hiromi also nominated Steven Le. He also volunteered for the Biochemistry Club’s science summer camp; BlastOff!. Though there were shifts in the afternoon and morning, Steven went far beyond the expectation and stayed for the entirety of the camp not only for the morning shift, but also for the  afternoon shift. His reliability and dedication certainly played a role in the success of the camp, Hiromi certainly could not have monitored seventeen middle schoolers without the aid of dedicated volunteers like Steven.